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Burble photo books and personalised products are handcrafted and our production times vary based on the product but the estimated production time is 5 - 7 working days, this turnaround time is based from payment and excludes delivery, you will receive an email with a tracking number once your book has been dispatched and suggest you allow 2–5 working days for delivery depending on your order's destination

Note: Our standard turnaround times do not apply over the holiday period

There are a few reasons why your Voucher Code may not be applying at the checkout. If your issue persists, please contact us.

If you have difficulty applying your voucher or discount code, please note the following:

  1. Ensure you have chosen the correct type or size of product for your voucher. If you've created the incorrect format, please get in contact with us to discuss your options.
  2. Ensure the code you are entering is the exactly as it appears on your voucher (the hyphens/dashes included and with no spaces before, after or in between)
  3. Ensure you are only ordering one book at a time as the software only allows one voucher code per order, if you will be having your order delivered please select courier for one order and batch with my other order for the rest.
  4. Make sure you have checked your voucher code’s expiration date (this will be stated on the voucher). Ensure you have selected the correct quantity for the special.

You may request a voucher extension by emailing accounts@burble.co.za before the voucher expires, unfortunately not all vouchers are eligible for extensions due to third party sales. If you are eligible for an extension, the new expiry date will be confirmed by the accounts department - once this new expiry date passes a further extension will not be possible.

Note: Expired vouchers are not eligible for an extension.

While we do have someone who will have a quick glance at your order, at this stage, we do not offer design or proofing services. We print your orders exactly as you have uploaded them, so it’s important to make sure that they look their best before uploading by checking for spelling errors, blank pages, missing or duplicate images and making sure your images have been stretched to the edges of the pages to avoid white edges.

The biggest reason there is a visual difference between “on screen” and “in print” images is due to something we call back lighting. Every screen has a light which shines through the screen, this back lighting helps your image to appear brighter and sometimes even more detailed; When your images are printed onto paper they will no longer be back lit meaning the shadows in your photos appear darker and your subtle details less visible. The look and feel of your images can even vary from paper to paper, White Matt paper will give you a softer more dreamy look, Photo Lustre paper will make your images look slightly more punchy and metallic.

If you are having difficulty accessing our website or launching the Editor please try using a different internet browser

For optimum results we recommend using the following web browsers: Google Chrome (recommended); Mozilla Firefox; Safari (for Mac users). Please always use up to date versions of these browsers as using older versions could result in reduced functionality. Do NOT use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge as it is not compatible, and doing so will result in reduced functionality.

If you're still experiencing difficulty, please get in contact with us.

Your images may appear blurry or pixelated in the editor software after upload but this is no cause for concern, The software displays your images at a lower resolution to increase the speed of the editor. In our experience the higher res the image the blurrier it seems to display, If your images present a yellow warning symbol you will know that the quality is not good enough. We recommend uploading your images at 300 dpi for best results.

At this stage we do not have an option to expedite your order. We always want to provide clients with the highest quality standard and that means taking the time to make your orders with care. While we do our very best to try to meet time frames, we cannot guarantee your order will arrive in time as there can be unforeseen delays in production or delivery but we will always endeavour to have your albums ready as fast as possible.